Technical Strategy + Solutions For Organizations With Specialized Process Needs

What We Do

Here are the key ways and disciplines we use to assist your organization:

Technical Strategy: This is mapping out your formal and integrated technology strategy to protect, sustain and scale as you grow. It must be intentional, comprehensive and dynamic. With the technical landscape changing so rapidly, it requires discipline and structure to remain competitive but paradoxically must be more flexible than ever. It is anticipating your organization's needs from 3 months to 3 years from today.

Business Analysis: We analyze challenges to determine whether they should be resolved with a new technical solution, by modifying your current solution to better leverage it, or by modifying processes that integrate it.  We help your team effectively analyze these challenges to find root causes, because it is ultimately much cheaper to address root causes that manage symptoms. 

Solution Architecture: You would not build a house without a comprehensive plan, but many technical decisions are made without an understanding of what the overall solution will do and how all the components fit together. We look for the simplest possible solutions which integrate to fully address your most complex challenges.

Software Development: Our software engineers take your strategic vision and vetted architecture and translate it into solutions to meet business needs. It could be a new mobile application, web-facing integration process, or a new way to track inventory. There is variety because there are tailored solutions.

Project Management: We stick with you throughout the engagement, whether it is comprehensively planning your technical strategy or implementing a solution. This includes pulling in the appropriate experts, managing timelines, issue resolution, ticket and task management, testing strategy, release planning, and project reporting.