Technical Strategy + Solutions For Organizations With Specialized Process Needs

About Cosolis

Cosolis started in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis has a vibrant tech sector, with unconventional plots and settings that make stories more interesting. Memphis is a place with a rich, soulful history of challenges, achievements, and growth. It's full of trees, green spaces, lively characters and too many mosquitos. Memphis has to be visited to be appreciated and lived in to be loved. If you aren't from here, you'll just have to take our word for it.

Cosolis was founded by Mark Baker and Jason Ziegler.  With a heavy mix of technical expertise, operational experience, and hard-won lessons as consumers, doers and leaders, they found "effective essentials" were typically missed in technology engagements. What are the essentials?

  • Don't design or pick a solution until you actually identify and understand the strategy and then the problem. That means talking to people other than decision makers and ensuring those who will use the technology will have input into how the solution is developed.
  • Make wise investments in technology focused on long-term value and sustainable growth. With our experience with start-ups, maturing organizations, and some of the largest for-profit and non-profit organizations in the world, we look beyond your current needs and help you understand how technology choices will hinder or enable your growth.
  • Technology should be attractive and simplified for end-users. Design and usability matters as much as the technology supporting it. A beautifully engineered solution is a failure if it is difficult to use, clumsy, inefficient, or ignores elegance.
  • Wise technical decisions and investments require building a complete picture of total cost of development, support, and human engagement. If you make part of your team happy only to make others miserable, that is a net loss.
  • Customers are best served when they understand and take real ownership of their technical solutions. They need to engage in analysis of problems, review of available options, and wise choices needed to enable and preserve their brightest future.
  • Vendors should should never foster a customer's unhealthy dependence on them. Organizations should never be at the mercy of a vendor's stability, org structure or business evolution. The ultimate solution should be sustainable by someone other than the vendor and use a tech stack which is sufficiently leading-edge but well-proven.